Kalala is a local Ila name Palm tree. New Kalala got its name from Old Kalala which was built along Kafue River before the Itehzi - Tezhi constructed in 1978.
New Kalala Camp has a history of over twenty years from its origins as Kalala to its present form as New Kalala. After the original Kalala was swept away by the growing waters of the lake, a higher more suitable location was chosen for its construction hence the change of name to new Kalala in respect of its fallen older predecessor.


Kalala is situated in a mountainous rocky terrain with mountain rabbits and monkeys to create a full time wave of entertainment. Each chalet and the restaurant strategically situated with a private verandah facing the lake allows our patrons to individually or as a group witness the most beautiful sunsets in the world.


We have spared no expense in creating the perfect getaway for the world traveler, adventure tourist or even the local wishing to get away from the busy chaos of city life. Whether you choose us for a weekend away or a ten day excursion you will never be left short of activities let us create a package especially for you.